I've been passionate about IT since I was a teenager. Being lucky to have an IT club in my school and start playing with a ZX81, a C64 and many other computers.

Bought my first PC later with my first pay slip but to understand how all of this was working, I quickly move to the Open Source world.
Linux and BBS was my way of learning and connected.

I became a Un*x Sysadmin and learned a lot with Linux and NeXTstep.
I learn how to build a DNS and run a website build, an email server and so on.

I ran one of the very early Internet business in France back then and was very focused on the technical side. We were only a bunch of people at that time. I made a lot of mistake on Usenet and building my first server based on a Gateway PC and Linux. First domain and DNS, first IP connection, first ... It was a long time before 1999.

It's how I end up building many ISP and work for them a while back. It leads me to work for Eircom on their Internet offering in 1999.

To make it short, I'm going to connect the dot and close the loop.
I'm back in Dublin and will rebuild a few things around FreeBSD.

I haven't used FreeBSD for a long time, but it's gone be fun and exciting.
Let's get my hands dirty.