To regain control of my data, I will need them under control. The best way is to self-host my data for a while until I have a bright full migration plan in place.

For that, I have decided to host my server.

As a transition, I will use a System on a Chip to build it.

Requirements are simples:

  • Low energy (reduce my energy footprint)
  • Powerful enough
  • Good support for a few operating systems
    ** FreeBSD
    ** Linux
  • Enough storage to hold my email and a few other things (more than 50Gb)

I choose the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for that not because it is the best option for the job but because it's a well supported and versatile option which can be re-used later for something else.

FreeBSD is going to be the OS of choice for this task.

  • Posftix for SMTP
  • Dovecot for IMAP
    No remote access to my email for security