In a modern world where everyone is ultra-connected, it is becoming more and more critical to become a Purple Cow.

How to stand out and how to embrace your difference.
How to ensure that you can be known and found for what you know, what you love.

If you can not be found easily, there is a significant chance that it's gone stay like that for a long time.

The Brand is you and working on your branding is nowadays more and more critical.

I realize that taking control of my brand aka myself, was going to be a long journey.Let's start by building The Plan.

Key objectives:

Define my branding
*What I do for money, sadly I need to pay my rent
*What I do for my own pleasure
*What I do just for fun

Improve my online presence
*Ensure that all my online presence are aligned
*Be found more easily
*Be known for what I care and what I'd like to do
*Remove all the craps and profiles that are left alone

Improve my privacy and security
*Remove and kill all the old password and profile
*Try to abandoned Google
*Do a massive clean up of my NAS, laptop and online service

Reduce my online dependence on providers
*Host and control my data when possible

That's gone be a long journey.
Let's begin.

Let's build a plan!!!